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We’re applying more than three decades of scientific innovation with the goal of developing paradigm-changing therapies for patients with cancer. Our oncology portfolio is built around two foundational approaches — our approved PD-1 inhibitor Libtayo® and investigational bispecific antibodies — that are being evaluated both as monotherapies and in combination with emerging therapeutic modalities. Together, they provide us with unique combinatorial flexibility to develop potentially synergistic treatments for a wide range of solid tumors and blood cancers.


Diagram showing CD3 Bispecific Antibodies, Tumor­-Targeted (Biparatopic) Bispecific Antibodies, CD28 Bispecific Antibodies, Other Immuno­-Modulating Agents, and PD-­1 Inhibitor

CD3 Bispecifics: “Signal 1”

Designed to bridge tumor-associated antigens on cancer cells with CD3-expressing T cells, resulting in potential local T-cell activation and cytotoxicty

CD28 Bispecifics: “Signal 2”

Designed to increase the activity of T cells that recognize tumor antigens by augmenting costimulatory signals

Tumor-Targeted Biparatopics

Designed to disrupt cellular signaling and/or deliver a cytotoxic drug to tumor cells.

Modulating Immune Response

Designed to overcome the tumor suppressive microenvironment (e.g., by inhibition of checkpoints, or targeted delivery of immuno-modulators)

IN 2022, WE…

  • Completed the acquisition of Sanofi’s stake in Libtayo, providing Regeneron with exclusive worldwide development, commercialization and manufacturing rights to the medicine originally discovered in Regeneron’s laboratories.
  • Received FDA approval of Libtayo in combination with chemotherapy in first-line advanced non-small cell lung cancer regardless of a patient’s histology or PD-L1 expression level, making Libtayo one of only two PD-1 targeting agents approved in this setting. Learn more about our approved medicines, including Prescribing Information.
  • Received European Commission and Japan Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare approval of Libtayo as monotherapy for the second-line treatment of adult patients with recurrent or metastatic cervical cancer and disease progression on or after platinum-based chemotherapy. Learn more about our approved medicines, including Prescribing Information.
  • Presented potentially pivotal Phase 2 data for odronextamab in B-NHL and linvoseltamab in myeloma.
  • Advanced CD3 bispecific programs and shared notable data for fianlimab (LAG-3) and our PSMAxCD28 costimulatory bispecific, both in combination with Libtayo.
  • Acquired Checkmate Pharmaceuticals, Inc., deepening our commitment to immuno-oncology and adding a modality to our portfolio of potential combination-ready approaches for difficult-to-treat cancers.

Regeneron’s full ownership of Libtayo presents exciting opportunities across our current and future oncology portfolio, and we are expanding our global commercial footprint in key international markets to maximize our impact against cancer.

Regeneron’s executive vice president, research, discusses his hope for cancer biology.